Indicators Your Organization Could Benefit from eLearning

Programs that make you think!

Ask yourself these nine questions.

  1. “Does our company have new or updated products that must succeed?”
  2. “Do we have new equipment or procedures that affect a large number of our employees?”
  3. “Does our sales force know how to sell to our new market segments?
  4. “Do we have large numbers of new employees who must be given the same basic training about our company’s products and services and the customers we serve?”
  5. “Is our productivity or our quality below expectations?”
  6. “Is OJT too costly, not feasible, or not considered to be effective for our employees?”
  7. “Do we have high rates of downtime, waste, damage, injury?”
  8. “Do we have under-qualified trainees or job holders?”
  9. “Do we experience high turnover?”

“Yes” answers to the above questing indicate that people in your organization may have a knowledge- or skill-gap that could be remedied with a learning or performance support solution.

American Telemedia can deliver learning and performance solutions that:

  • Reduce the time and costs associated with making organizational changes
  • Reduce lost time, waste, damage, injury
  • Increase customer and job satisfaction
  • Reduce the time and costs of developing highly productive employees
  • Reduce the skill-time to market