Are You Spending Too Much on Training?

Programs that make you think!

Are you spending too much on getting and keeping employees up to speed? Ask yourself these questions.

  • “Are we teaching things not directly related to job requirements?”
  • “Are we paying instructors or supervisors to present the same message again and again and again?”
  • “Are we paying hefty travel and per diem expenses to get trainees to a remote training site?”
  • “Are we using methods and media that are not the best choice for our trainees or subject matter?”
  • “Does even just one of our trainees have to experience instruction in a subject he or she has already mastered?”
  • “Do our fast learners have to wait while the rest of the group is still trying to “get it”

“Yes” answers indicate that your training may be costing more than it should.

American Telemedia designs and develops learning and performance support systems that minimize or eliminate strategies that drive up the costs of training development and deployment.

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