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Indicators Your Organization Could Benefit from eLearning

Ask yourself these nine questions. “Does our company have new or updated products that must succeed?” “Do we have new equipment or procedures that affect a large number of our employees?” “Does our sales force know how to sell to our new market segments? “Do we have large numbers of new employees who must be…
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Our Instructional Design and Development Process

Here is what we do and how we do it Plan the Project with You Analyze Specific Job Performance Needs Design the Learning or Performance Support Solution Develop the Learning or Performance Support Solution Implement the Learning or Performance Support Solution Evaluate the Results Not all of the tasks or phases is required for every…
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Close the Performance Gap with Job Aids

A well-designed job aid (performance support system) can help your workforce to rapidly close skill, knowledge, and performance gaps—and keep them closed! Here are key steps in creating and implementing job aids. Do a Front-end Needs Analysis. An effectively designed performance support system requires a front-end, needs analysis to help ensure that a learning or performance support solution…
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Using Videos to Connect with eLearners

American Telemedia can help you to cost-effectively produce video to successfully convey your message and support your business objectives. We can package the videos as either complete programs or as learning objects integrate with your eLearning training programs. Our business television program development services include: Program concept and instructional/message design Talent selection and direction as…
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Are You Spending Too Much on Training?

Are you spending too much on getting and keeping employees up to speed? Ask yourself these questions. “Are we teaching things not directly related to job requirements?” “Are we paying instructors or supervisors to present the same message again and again and again?” “Are we paying hefty travel and per diem expenses to get trainees…
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