Our Instructional Design and Development Process

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Here is what we do and how we do it

Not all of the tasks or phases is required for every training project. Your timeline and budget, among other things, may dictate fast-tracking or even skipping some steps.

Plan the Project
  1. First, we zero-in on the business reasons for developing a learning or performance support solution. We work closely with you to develop the measurable impact that the solution must have to be judged as a success.
  2. Next, we identify the ground rules and learn the constraints and boundaries within which the solution must fit—such as time, budgets, and management preferences.
Analyze Your Specific Needs
  1. We work with your staff to determine exactly what your training, learning, and job performance needs are—and aren’t. We do this because we don’t want to develop solutions for problems that don’t exist.
  2. We determine just what the job is and identify the nature of the performance gap. As appropriate, we use methods like task analysis, interviews, research, and observation of experts at work to identify procedures and factors critical for successful job performance
  3. We determine the characteristics of your employees/trainees. We need to know what job-related skills and knowledge they already have because we don’t want to waste any learner’s time by telling them things they already know.
  4. We determine where your learners may differ in their current skills and knowledge from what is required so we can make sure each learner gets everything he or she needs, but not more. We don’t want to assume that people know more, or less, than they actually do.
  5. We determine how your employees can learn best. We want to recommend the instructional methods and media that are best for your employees/trainees and the performance/learning results that you need.
  6. Of course, we also carefully consider the constraints that you place on the final product.
Design the Learning or Performance Support Solution

Once we determine the learning needs, we design the components of the learning or performance support solution. Here are our primary steps:

  1. Identify specific learning objectives (based on the specific knowledge or skill gaps that have been identified)
  2. Develop the performance measures or tests to be used to determine how well the learning solution does the job
  3. Outline the content and functional specifications of the learning of performance support solution
  4. Describe the strategies, methods, and media we plan to use
  5. Identify exactly how we will measure and determine the success of the solution after it is deployed.

You review and approve the design to make sure it is technically accurate and that the style and substance suits your organization.

Develop the Learning or Performance Support Solution
  1. The next product you see is the draft of the system components and modules. (Again, we want to make sure that you are never “surprised” and always satisfied.)
  2. Then, we produce a trial version or “prototype” of the learning or performance support solution for your review.
  3. When you are satisfied, we can then see how three or four of your employees feel about the system/materials, and whether or not the system helps improve their performance—so you know the system works BEFORE you roll it out company-wide.
  4. Once we have all had the chance to review and test the prototype, we revise and adjust the system elements to make them work better.
  5. Then, we build the learning or performance support solution to your approved specifications. This includes producing the entire system:
    • Instruction (web, video, print/text support components, as needed)
    • Testing
    • Registration
    • Administrative Support
    • Student Tracking
    • Post-deployment evaluation instruments

    6. With your approval, we then produce the full-scale version of the learning or performance support solution. Again, there are quality checkpoints to assure you are satisfied with the solution.

Implement the Learning or Performance Support Solution
  1. We then help your people to implement the learning or performance support solution. Gaining their acceptance and support is crucial; we can help you to make sure that happens. (After all, the best solution in the world is no good if people don’t use it.)
  2. We help you to install and integrate the learning and performance support solution. This can include:
    • Training your staff and administrators
    • Conducting company wide orientations
    • Distributing materials
    • Developing in-house “ad campaigns” to help drive the learners to the training
Evaluate our success
  1. In this final phase, we work your staff to collect and analyze performance improvement data to measure and verify the success of the learning or performance support solution.
  2. Of course, we can also revise and update the solution, as needed.