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Programs that make you think!

What Makes Us Different?

We understand the business reasons for creating and deploying learning and performance solutions: namely, helping people to do their jobs better, faster, and more successfully. We employ methods that ensure that our solutions will do the job they are intended to do.

Why Consider Us
Why Choose Americn Telemedia?

The best reason to choose American Telemedia is: we can help you to cost-effectively get your people up to speed, fast.

Why Choose Us
What We Believe

Every performance solution must:
* Support your organization’s business goals
* Be identified as the BEST solution
* Teach skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to perform the job
* Be stimulating, challenging, & user-friendly
* Be cost-effective
* Make a demonstrable, positive impact on employee performance

What Do You Need

Why Consider Us?

 We understand that choosing a company to collaborate with you on devleoping training is not necessarily quick or easy. We offer these reasons to make the choice easier.

We are on your side…

We develop learning and performance support systems only when there is a strong business reasons for doing so.

We know that businesses excel when all employees know their jobs and that employees who lack necessary skills and knowledge to do their jobs are an unnecessary drain on a company’s resources.

As designers and developers of learning and performance support solutions, our goal is to help you get your people up to speed, fast, and we are very good at it!

We are experienced…

We have extensive experience in designing and developing quality self-paced and instructor-facilitated learning systems in both video (online and broadcast) and online environments.

We also have extensive experience in designing, producing, and distributing award-winning educational programs.

We have experience in successfully developing instructional programs and performance support systems for a variety of clientele and target audiences.

We are committed…

We are committed to helping you develop learning and performance support solutions that make a positive difference in your business.

We are not afraid to take a deep dive to learn your content so we can communicate it effectively to others.

You benefit from our past success because we our goal is to make each course that we produce even better than the last one.

Our goal…

Our goal is to deliver cost-effective training that gets people “up-to-speed, fast”. To do this, we do our best to take full advantage of the many benefits a well-designed learning solution provides. This includes:

  • Pre- and post-instructional assessment to track skill growth
  • Engaging users through interactions that make the user think
  • Making sure that what we teach is what the learner truly needs to know
  • Giving learners opportunities to apply newly learned knowledge and to practice new skills through simulations and carefully crafted exercises
  • Offering feedback so learners can check their understanding of key points and review areas in which they need further instruction
  • Measuring the positive impact of the learning solution on your organization

Why Choose Us?

We realize we aren’t the only company that designs and develops customized learning solutions. Here are key reasons we are the best choice.

More economical

 We offer the flexibility to get a customized, top-quality product without having to unnecessarily increase head count and divert key resources from revenue-generating tasks.

Proven quality

Instructional programs that our team members have written and/or produced have won both national and international awards. Users of our learning solutions demonstrate both learning gain and improved performance on the job.

One-stop shopping

We can handle the entire courseware development process from concept to completion–including job-task analysis, instructional design, test development, writing, graphics development, programming, deployment, and evaluation.

More engaging

Our learning solutions are lean-forward experiences. We engage learners in the content by infusing our programs with scenarios and stituational vignettes that test both knowledge and performance.

What Do You Need?

We offer the best solution, or combination of solutions, to help you get your people up to speed as fast as possible.


We can produce eLearning programs about your products, services, processes, and your way of doing business.
Courses that we develop are as robust or as lean as they need to be to get the job done.

eLearning Benefits

In addition to developing world-class eLearning, we can write and produce network quality, documentary-style television programs as well as real-world, scripted scenarios with professional actors that learners can relate to.
Our experience includes producing programming on a wide range of subject matter, shooting in a variety of locations, and interviewing nationally recognized experts and top people in their field.


Effective, well-design eLearning may not be enough. Sometimes, face-to-face instruction, mentoring, job shadowing, or field performance exercises are required before an individual can perform at the levels you desire.
This is where our years of experience can be of great value to you.
Let us know what your ultimate goals are and we’ll help you devise a blended learning solution that gets your learners to where you want them to be.


  • Some jobsrequire execution of tasks in a precise, prescribed order.
  • In many cases performance support systems (job aids) can be designed, developed and deployed to help job performers achieve mastery every time.
  • We design and produce job aids and “help on the desktop” (electronic performance support systems) to help ensure skills and knowledge get successfully applied on the job.
  • >Why deploy a learning or performance support solution?
Close the Performance Gap with Job Aids

What we do best…

We combine a classical Instructional System Design process developed by the U.S. Air Force over 40 years ago with proven concepts in learning theory, human performance technology, and a commitment to keeping the learner happily engaged in the learning process. We can develop and produce a learning or performance support solution that fits whatever AICC, SCORM, xAPI, or other standards-based learning management system you have or plan to get.

Here’s what we don’t do:
We don’t sell canned, one-size-fits-all learning programs. 

Every training, learning, and job performance situation is different. We specialize in identifying those differences and designing materials to meet your organization’s specific needs.


About us…

American Telemedia has a single mission: to provide learning solutions that gives your business competitive advantages. Our teams consist of an instructional designer/project managers and creative course development team members who work closely with your subject-matter experts and others on your staff. We complement your resources, not duplicate them. We utilize a staff of both full-time and contract professionals who are experts in their fields and selected based on their ability to support the project’s needs.

Our Clients

Our people have been privileged to partner with some of the best organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. We have designed, written, and produced instruction video and eLearning programs for global corporations, public television stations, colleges, and universities, telecommunications companies, manufacturers, retailers, service firms, government agencies, the US Army, the US Air Force, and the media.

Clients our team members have served include:

Acura – American Bentley – American Protection Industries – Association of periOperative Registered Nurses – Avaya – Bogen – Buttonwood Industries – Cal Poly University, Pomona – CSU San Diego – Digital Education Systems – Gambro – Honda – Hybritech Corp. – Hyundai – Image Dynamics Infiniti – Isuzu – Jones International – Lear Siegler, Inc. – Lexus – Los Angeles County Schools – Lucent Technologies – MacLean Media – Mazda – McGraw-Hill Companies – Mercedes-Benz – Mitsubishi – Nation Public Radio – National Video Communications – Nissan – opXL/Charter Communications – opXL/Society of Cable Telecommunictions Engineers – Philips Healthcare – Reed Elsevier – Reed Business Information US, UK, NL – Roche Diagnostics – Sandoz – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Shiley Labs – Smith Tool – TeleTech – Toyota – TRACOM – Trainex (Baxter-Travenol) – U.S. Air Force – U.S. Army – Vastar (an Arco subsidiary) – Xerox (Electro-Optical Systems)

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